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2ml hplc amber vials

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2ml Chromatography Vial Supplier from China
Our organization is known for offering a rich assortment of HPLC Vials, Cap & Septa. We are engaged in providing our customers with supreme quality products with the help of which we provide them the support to keep their business process streamlined in a well maintained manner.
2ml 11mm Snap Top PP Cap with Glass Vials for Autosampler
Aijiren is a manufacturer specializing in chromatography consumables. Its products include hplc vial, gc vial, syringe filter, reagent bottle and sample storage vial. Aijiren is striving to become a world-renowned supplier of chromatography consumables.
2ml Screw Neck HPLC Vials for Chromatography
Aijiren is a manufacturer specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables. Aijiren has a complete range of products, including HPLC Vials, GC Vials, Reagent Bottle, Syringe Filter, cod test tube, etc.
2ml Glass Vials for HPLC Analysis from Aijiren
Aijiren is a manufacturer of chromatography consumables such as HPLC Vials,Headspace Vials,reagent bottle,syringe filter,sample storage vial,cod test tube,hand crimper,decrimper etc...
2ml Amber Glass Vials for HPLC Autosampler from Aijiren
Aijiren is a manufacturer of 2ml Autosampler Vials for HPLC.Since 2007,we have been providing chromatography consumable for more than 10 years.
The Australian Customer's V947 Autosampler Vial Order is Completed
Aijiren offer a high quality, personal and friendly service providing advice and support for all your laboratory's requirements. we have more than 15 years' experience in design and construction of Autosampler Vial.
5000 Boxes of Blue Screw Cap 10-425 HPLC Vial sent to Singapore
Aijiren is a supplier of 2ml hplc vials. Our factory specializes in the production of hplc vials for chromatography. We use good raw materials to make vials and sell them at a cheap price while ensuring quality. Aijiren's high quality and low price have satisfied many customers.
2ml Glass Vials with Screw Cap for Sale
Aijiren is one of the largest 2ml glass vials with screw cap manufacturer in south of China.If you are looking for 2ml glass vial with screw cap, please choose Aijiren.
Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials for Lab Use for Sale
Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials for HPLC systems with septum caps glued.So if there have any requirement about Wide Opening 2ml Amber Vials, please contact us right NOW!
Autosampler 2ml Amber Vials for Hplc for Sale
Aijiren Tech offers 2ml Amber Vials, snap and crimp vials for a variety of LC and GC applications. If you have any requirement for 2ml Amber Vials. Please contact with Aijiren.
2ml Amber Snap Autosampler Vial for Lab Analysis
Aijiren is one of the largest 2ml amber snap autosampler chromatography vial manufacturer, All of 2ml amber snap vial is produced in international standard. welcome to inquiry.
2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vial Factory from China
Aijiren is a supplier of laboratory consumables, focusing on the production of 2ml HPLC Amber Glass Vials. Aijiren has more than ten years of experience in making vials and is a well-known brand among Chinese laboratory consumable suppliers.
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