Variously Micro inserts designed for use with chromatography autosampler vials; designed to hold a specific sample volume.
    • hplc vial inserts
    • hplc vial inserts
    • hplc vial inserts
    • hplc vial inserts
    • wholesale 250ul micro insert for 2ml hplc vials
    • China 250ul micro insert for hplc vials
    hplc vial inserts

    Micro Insert for 2mL HPLC vials

    Inserts vials are an economical choice for many routine HPLC applications.Polyspring inserts are self-centering with a spring to provide a cushion against needle contact.Scientific shell vials are sold including polyethylene plugs to assure proper fit.
    product description
    Micro insert vials are sold in both glass and polyproylene materials. Polypropylene inserts are recommended for pH-sensitive samples, greater solvent compatibility, biological samples, and ionic samples becasue of the material′s inertness.
    Several styles are offered including flat bottom, concial inserts with a top spring or a bottom spring, and concial without springs. Micro insert vials are sold in two diameters for 2mL vials.

    1.Different bottom shape for choosing.
    2.Suitable for 8-425, 9mm, 11mm snap vials.
    3.Micro-Inserts are manufactured of clear glass.
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