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Notes of headspace autosampler
Static Headspace-Gas chromatography is a technique suitable for determining volatile substances in liquids complex solids or substrates such as blood, coatings and sludge. 20ml GC vial is used in headspace-Gas chromatography. Aijiren is one of the manufacturer, 20ml GC vial for sale.
How to clean headspace chromatography vial(2)?
There are Potential problems of incomplete cleaning sample headspace vial, please take attention to this essay. Accroding to those cleaning method, You can avoid those potential problems. At the same time, Aijiren supply aijiren headspace vial for sale.
10-20mL 18mm Screw Thread Headspace ND18
10mL & 20mL screw neck ND18 rounded bottom headspace vials with matched 18mm magnetic precision screw metal caps, 17.5mm PTFE/silicone septa.
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