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We are looking for distributors nationally and internationally to consolidate our presence.

If you are passionate about commercial work, you can join our team as a distributor and be part of a constantly growing project.

Join Aijiren Tech and grow with us!

Cooperate with our company and become a distributor of our products in your country.
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Hope to be your reliable long-term business partner! We will reply you in 2 hours.
General Sales and Support Conditions for Distributors
Aijiren welcomes any new partners to expand the business. However the distributorship is on a non-exclusive basis, we appreciate having only one valuable distributor in each country/territory.
Distributor responsibility:
To be successful and competitive, we expect to fulfill the following requirements: To have basic knowledge of our product. To have own web page with basic information at least (link to Aijiren web page available) To provide obliging customer pre/after sale care and active search of new customers
Aijiren Responsibility:
General Sales support – i.e. supply of all technical and business documents including tailored quotations General Service support – online technical helpline by phone +8618057059123 or e-mail
The Dealer price list is issued yearly and sent to distributors by e-mail. It can be modified without notice, however, Aijiren tries to provide adequate notice to all distributors when specific or overall price changes occur. All prices are in USD. The price is net. Distributors can ask Aijiren for suggested end-user prices, but it is up to the dealer’s discretion to create his own end-user price list.
The price list is to be used for particular items or pre-configured systems. For a more complex system or a custom system, we suggest asking us for a specific quotation per your request.
Payment term:
Advanced payment is required for purchase. Standard payments are generally made by bank transfer, where all bank fees are paid by the purchaser. Bank account information:
Orders, Delivery term, Transport :
All orders must be clearly written and sent to the sales team by e-mail or fax. Aijiren sends order confirmation including the freight cost and expected delivery term a.s.a.p. We will try to find the best forwarder for the specific territory/size/value. We can also ship the goods according to the distributor’s instructions (i.e. to his DHL, TNT, FEDEX, or UPS account) or through another transport service, if possible.
Distributor’s Features
China Chromaotgraphy consumables supplier
1. Sharing our values will surely be ideal for a great work synergy.
D2. Potential to handle future growth.
3. Be excited about learning everything related to our solutions.
4. Experienced in selling
5. Exclusivity agreement after proving a great business relationship and performance in the first 12 months.
6. Quarterly communication to share and analyze reports.
How To be a Distributor from Zero
6 steps tell you how to be our distributor,want to get more details,please contact us right now.
Step 1.Identify your industry The first step to becoming a distributor is identifying the industry you’d like to serve. Prior to establishing your business, you’ll need to decide what you’ll sell and who your customers will be, as distributors typically specialize in a particular industry or sell products to specific consumer bases.
2. Register your business legally To operate as a distributor, you will need to register your business legally. You may need to acquire licensing or other registration depending on the state in which your business is located in. In order to ensure you’re in compliance with local business regulations, contact your local government center for business licensing and ask for information about the procedures for registering as a new distribution business. They will provide you with all the necessary applications and components for registering your company legally.
3. Seek suppliers and manufacturers Once you’ve established your distribution business as a legal entity, you should begin researching potential suppliers and manufacturers that handle the products you’re interested in distributing. You can often find information about becoming a product distributor on a manufacturer’s website or by contacting them directly. Some manufacturers prefer to sell their products through exclusive distribution agreements, while others work with independent distributors that sell products from various manufacturers.
4. Plan your logistics An important part of starting a business operation is planning logistics accordingly. You should start with identifying your budgetary capacities through financial calculations. This will help you get a better idea of how much money you can invest in hiring other employees and buying products. From here, try locating a warehouse to store the products you’re looking to distribute and draft a plan for how your business will function.
5. Apply as a distributor Once you identify potential manufacturers and suppliers, you should apply to be a distributor with them. Each company will have its unique application processes, but nearly all suppliers will ask you to go through an application process to see if you’ll be a good fit for them as a distributor of their products. These processes may require in-person meetings, tours of facilities, analysis of financial statements, providing proof of letters of credit from your financial institution, and other steps.
6. Build relationships As you design your business operations around the partnerships you’ve created with suppliers and buyers, you should work purposefully to build trustful working relationships with them. These relationships are a key part of maintaining a healthy distribution business, as manufacturers ensure a steady supply of products while buyers ensure a steady flow of sales. These entities will help you develop a profitable business model and grow as a company. If you are ready, please Apply to be a distributor of ours.
Become a Distributor Of Aijiren Tech!
If you are interested in becoming a distributor through a flexible Distribution Agreement model, please complete the form.