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Zhejiang Aijiren Technology, Inc. is a global supplier of life-science, chemistry, laboratory consumables, etc. Our major products are high performance liquid chromatography & gas chromatography consumables. Zhejiang Aijiren Technology, Inc. have been supplying to more than 70 countries, covers more than 2000 customers all over the world. 120 workers, 100,000 class cleaning room, ISO, GMP & Bureau Veritas certificated, this is how we keep high quality and competitive prices for global valued customers.
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We can undertake processing all kinds of sample vials, chromatograpy vials and pakege vials which use in biology and chemical lab.
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The latest development of chromatographic consumables.
2ml hplc sample vials supplier factory manufacturer
What is a Good HPLC Sample Vial?
2ml HPLC sample vials are the most commonly used vials in HPLC analysis due to their compatibility with most autosamplers and the large range of options availab...
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What Vial Is Right for You?
What Vial Is Right for You?
If you need vials to use with an autosampler, make sure you consider the type of autosampler you have and whether it uses robotic arms to pick up vials or trays. If the autosampler uses trays, you'll need to choose vials with dimensions to match the trays.
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Vials are available in three closure types; screw, crimp, snap, and cap.
Crimp Vial vs. Snap Vial vs. Screw Cap Vial, How to Choose?
However, even though both types of crimp and screw vials have a good seal, crimp vials provide an additional guarantee of sealing for food, forensics, and other applications for which you want to avoid sample tampering. A crimping sealing is also recommended for the storage of volatile compounds.
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2ml clear and amber autosampler vials manufactuer and supplier
5 Points Need to Consider When Choosing An Autosampler Vial
There are many factors to consider when choosing a chromatography vial. Choosing the best vial for your needs will not only improve the ROI of your process, but also protect the viability of your samples. There is also a risk of sample degradation if samples are not collected and stored properly.
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