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Gas Chromatography application for determination of Boiling Point
This document describes a procedure for the determination of the boiling point range in a consumer product to identify low vapor pressure-volatile organic compo...
Some Factors that affect the headspace result
In experiment progress, some factors always affect the experiment result. In this article, introduce some factors that affect headspace GC result in GC analysis.
Features of micro-extraction of the headspace solid phase
Headspace Solid phase micro-extraction (HS-SPME) is the extraction head vertically placed in the gas phase above the liquid or solid sample for analysis, extraction, adsorption of volatile or semi-volatile components. Compared with SPME, what is the featurer of HS-SPME?
automatic headspace vial
Advantages of automatic headspace sampler
Compared with manual injection sample, the automatic headspace sampler has some advantages. Please read this article, you will get some skills on automatic headspace sampler.
20ml GC vial for sale
Notes of headspace autosampler
Static Headspace-Gas chromatography is a technique suitable for determining volatile substances in liquids complex solids or substrates such as blood, coatings and sludge. 20ml GC vial is used in headspace-Gas chromatography. Aijiren is one of the manufacturer, 20ml GC vial for sale.
headspace vial and lid
Be care, when you used headspace vial
In order to achieve the desired performance with the headspace GC, be care to sample preparation and instrument settings. Headspace vial and lids are a very important and often overlooked element. To ensure preparation for the headspace analysis at the top of the space, make sure to use the correct headspace vial and lid.
6ml crimp headspace vial
How much do you know about the headspace vial and lid?
Headspace vial can hold 6-60ml of liquid products, There are screw thread mouth vial and crimp mouth vial. Thread headspace vial is equipped with screw thread aluminum lid and butyl or silicone pad.
headspace vial for sale
Is screw cap or crimp cap of headspace vial right for you(2)?
In headspace GC analysis, we can find that there are screw cap headspace vial and crimp cap headspace vial. But which one is right for your experiment? When you do residual solvents analysis. In this article, you will get the answer which one is better for you.
headspace vial for you
Is screw cap or crimp cap of headspace vial right for you?
In headspace GC analysis, we can find that there are screw cap headspace vial and crimp cap headspace vial. But which one is right for your experiment? When you do residual solvents analysis.
application of headspace vial
Application of Headspace vial
The matrix of complex samples is not easy to be directly analyzed and identified, in recently years, GC headspace analysis is the best choice. Aijiren headspace vial can be application in those analysis. What analysis method can be used GC vials? please read this essay.
gc vial for sale
Headspace in gas chromatography and GC vial for sale
Headspace GC is a sampling technique that involves the indirect determination of volatile components in liquid or solid samples by analyzing the gas phase in which the sample in the closed system is in a thermodynamic equilibrium. Aijiren supply GC headspace vial for sale.
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Mainly Reasons and Solutions about the HPLC Sensitivity
In the daily HPLC analysis work, it is sometimes found that there are significant differences in experimental data.Aijiren is a professional chromatography vial manufacturer,which having focusing on vials's producing over 15years.
gas chromatography progress
What is the most important challenges in headspace-Gas Chromatography?
In headspace-Gas Chromatography progress, there are some steps to accomplish experiment. What is the most important challenges in headspace gas chromatography? what is the role of GC vials in gas chromatography experiment? Please check this essay.
flat bottom headspace vial
How many model of Headspace vial bottom?
In usual, there are round bottoms and flat bottoms headspace vial. Which one is you need in your experiment? Please read this essay, you will get the right answer.
volume of headspace vial
Selection and use of headspace vial
In your experiment, headspace vial must be used. But there are 1.5ml headspace vial, 2ml, 6ml, 10ml, 20ml headspace vial, which one is need? how to selection the right headspace vial as volume. In this essay, you will get the answer.
method of cleaning headspace vial
How to clean headspace chromatography vial(2)?
There are Potential problems of incomplete cleaning sample headspace vial, please take attention to this essay. Accroding to those cleaning method, You can avoid those potential problems. At the same time, Aijiren supply aijiren headspace vial for sale.
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