Butyl Rubber Stopper for 20mm Crimp Vials
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    • butyl rubber stopper for 20mm vials
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    Butyl Rubber Stopper for 20mm Crimp Vials

    Material: Butyl Rubber
    Diameter: 20mm
    Feature: Flat
    Suitable for 20mm Crimp Vials
    product description

    There are many differences between butyl and natural rubber. The main advantage is that butyl rubber has better chemical stability and aging resistance than natural rubber. It has the elasticity of natural rubber and does not contain protein ingredients, but it does not have butyl. Chemical inertness and aging resistance

    The butyl rubber product is an off-white rubber-like solid with a density of 0.92g/cm3. It is odorless, insoluble in water, and soluble in hexane and chloroform. The product also has low air permeability, good airtightness, and good resistance. Ozone resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, flexibility resistance, heat aging resistance, energy absorption and other characteristics.

    The main component of butyl rubber is polyisobutylene. However, the methyl group in polyisobutylene has large steric obstacles, so the thermal motion of the molecules is not active, so its gas permeability is smaller than that of synthetic rubber, and the molecules are double The number of bonds in the main chain is very small, so it has very good resistance to ultraviolet rays, ozone and weather resistance, and also high heat resistance.

    The advantages of butyl rubber stopper:

    (1) It has good air tightness and minimal air permeability.

    (2) Very good high temperature resistance.

    (3) Good ozone resistance and weather resistance.

    (4) Alkali and acid medium solvents.

    (5) Poor water absorption and good radiation resistance

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