24-400 Screw Neck PP Caps with Septa
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    24-400 screw neck pp cap

    24-400 Screw Neck PP Caps with Septa

    Suitable for: 24-400 Screw Neck Vials
    Caps Material: PP
    Septa Material: PTFE / Silicone
    Septa Size: 22*3mm
    Cap Features: 15mm Centre Hole
    Color: White, Black, Red or Customized
    product description


    24-400 screw neck pp cap, silicone/PTFE septa


    Screw Cap Vials are universal. Screwing the cap applies a mechanical force that squeezes the septum between the glass rim and the cap. Screw caps form an excellent seal and mechanically hold the septum in place during piercing. No tools are required for assembly. The Screw Caps that are inlcuded with this kit are knurled on the sides for excellent gripping and comfort when applyting to the vial.


    PTFE/Silicone Septa:

    High quality, pure silicone is laminated to PTFE to give a pure, highly inert septum with excellent resealing characteristics even after repeated punctures.

    PTFE/Silicone septa are the preferred product for use in most HPLC and GC applications where resealability and high purity are critical. Works well for applications where ease of needle penetration is important.

    Septa-silica gel has strong repetitive sealability, and it can maintain good close performance after multiple injections; PTFE is a material with better chemical conditions at present, and it can withstand strong acids and alkalis. The two materials After compounding, the bottle can be used for various laboratory purposes such as sealed sampling, chemical storage and so on. 

    PTFE/Silicone/PTFE Septa:

    A layer of PTFE is laminated to each side of high purity, medium durometer silicone to form a septum that is the most resistant to coring while maintaining good resealing characteristics. The PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septum is recommended for the most critical applications such as ultra trace analysis or where there is a longer time between injections or for internal standard methods. PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septa provide superior performance with any autosampler employing a large diameter, blunt tip needle.

    24-400 Screw PP Cap Detials

    Part No.



    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone Septa, Φ22*3mm


    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone/Nature PTFE Septa, Φ22*3mm


    24mm White Screw PP Cap, 15mm Centre Hole


    24mm White Screw PP Cap, Closed-top


    24mm Black Screw PP Cap, 15mm Centre Hole


    24mm Black Screw PP Cap, Closed-top


    24mm Red Screw PP Cap, 15mm Centre Hole


    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone Septa, 24mm White Screw PP Cap, 15mm Centre Hole


    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone Septa, 24mm White Screw PP Cap, Closed-top


    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone Septa, 24mm Black Screw PP Cap, 15mm Centre Hole


    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone Septa, 24mm Black Screw PP Cap, Closed-top


    Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone Septa, 24mm Red Screw PP Cap, 15mm Centre Hole

    Company Introduction

    1. Founded in 2007, Zhejiang Aijiren, Inc. specialized in chromatography consumables, such as autosampler vial for HPLC, headspace vial, GC vials, micro inserts, septa and caps, syringe filter, etc, covers more than 10000 square meters, and has clean workshop more than 2000 square meters. 100, 000 class cleaning room;  

    2. 15 years export experience, exprot to more than 70 countries, 2000+ customs around the world; 

    3. More than 10 years experience for automatic analytica technique

    4. Aijiren has own R&D Center and Quality Controll Center to keep products in high quality.

    5. All materials are produced at 100,000 grade clean room.
    6. Passed ISO9001:2015  quality management system certification, RoHS compliance can also be provided.

    How to confirm product quality before placing orders?
    After production, all articles are delivered to QC center, only qualified products can be release to the next procedure.
    Meanwhile, you are welcome to ask for samples for testing.
    How to star order or make payment?
    Proforma Invoice will be sent first after confirmation or order together with our bank infomations.
    Pay by T/T, Westren Union or Alipay.
    What is the charge standard about the Samples?
    1) For our first cooperation, free samples will be provide buyer afford the shipping cost.
    2) For our old customers, we will send free samples, even though new design samples, when have stocks.
    3) Samples delivery date is 24 to 48 hours, if have stocks. Customer design is about 3-7 days.
    Can you provide OEM service?
    Yes, we had already do OEM service for more than 4 world famous Brand in chromatography area.
    What is the MOQ?
    For vials, caps and syringe filters MOQ is 1pack(100pcs), for hand crimper/decrimper MOQ is 1pack(1pc).
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