Aijiren 250ul Vial Insert, Glass Spring Bottom for 9, 10, 11mm Vials
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    vial insert with polymer feet

    Aijiren 250ul Vial Insert, Glass Spring Bottom for 9, 10, 11mm Vials

    Type: IP250
    Volume: 250ul
    Dimension: 5.7x29mm
    Material: Clear Glass
    Suit for: 9mm, 10mm, 11mm vial
    Bottom: Mandrel with polymer feet
    product description


    Micro Insert is used to ensure the most accurate and reliable analysis of your lab samples.

    Micro-Inserts are manufactured of clear glass.

    Micro inserts, when used in conjunction with autosampler vials, allow for maximum sample recovery and easier sample removal because the conical shape decreases the surface area inside the vial.

    Micro inserts can be used with screw tops, crimp tops, or snap top vials.

    All conical styles of inserts are offered with the traditional pulled point as well as the improved mandrel point.

    Pulled point inserts are more economical, but mandrel point inserts provide a more pointed and uniform tip that enables better sample recovery.

    Micro-Inserts can be used on all 1.5ml vials.

    Effectively relieves the pressure of syringe.

    PolySpring inserts are self aligning.

    Micro Inserts Details

    Type IP250


    Bottom mandrel interior & polymer spring
    Size 5.7*29mm

    Clear Glass 

    Suitable for 9mm, 10mm, 11mm vial

    Micro Inserts Package

    Micro inserts Packing: Economy Package and General Package for chooseNeutral carton outside, pallet is available to protect quality better.

    OEM packing is also available.

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