American Customer Ordered 100,000 Boxes of 9-425 2ml HPLC Vials
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American Customer Ordered 100,000 Boxes of 9-425 2ml HPLC Vials

Jul. 28th, 2020
A customer contacted Aijiren through Alibaba and communicated with our sales manager Joshua. After learning about Aijiren's situation and strength, he proposed to buy our 9-425 HPLC Vials, and they needed a lot of quantity.
We first decided to send some samples to the customer. He asked for a 2ml 9mm hplc vial with graduated borosilicate glass. Therefore, we sent a few packs of 9mm short-thread sample vials V927 produced by Aijiren as samples for customers to test.
Aijiren 2ml 9mm clear glass screw vial is 2mL, 12x32mm and is built with an advanced vial closure system. This innovation not only prevents septums from penetrating, but also provides a stop point for the cap to prevent over or over tightening, providing an optimal and consistent seal every time.
After the trial, the customers said that Aijiren's products were of very good quality and decided to order 100,000 boxes of V927 from Aijiren every year for their testing experiments. Aijiren is honored and proud to provide its products to customers all over the world, and is also very happy to be praised by customers.
Aijiren Tech is a large-scale high-tech company specializing in the production of sample vials and closures. Relying on good science and technology and a large number of high-tech talents, sample vials and closures produced by Aijiren Tech. We through out the ISO9001:2015 quality certification, It is worth mentioning that it was audit and issued by the most stringent SGS in the industry.