Customers from India want to become Aijiren agents
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Customers from India want to become Aijiren agents

Jul. 22nd, 2020
An Indian customer contacted our sales manager Joshua. After he learned from Joshua what products Aijiren offers, he ordered a part of each type of product, such as Chromatography vials, Column, Syringe filters: 13 mm and 25 mm (0.2 and 0.45 micron) media nylon ,pvdf.Membrane filters: PVDF (sheet or in Roll) 0.5 and 5 micron, Septa.
After the customer placed the order, Aijiren immediately distributed the goods, packaged them and shipped them, and sent the goods in the shortest time. After receiving the product, the customer tested it and gave Aijiren feedback. He stated that Aijiren's product is easy to operate and has no unnecessary influence on the experimental results.
After that, he proposed a new idea. He wanted to become Aijiren's agent in India and sell Aijiren products in the Indian market,increase product purchases and hoping that we can give him more discounts. Our manager Joshua is communicating more details with him.
Through this case, it can be seen that Aijiren's products have been welcomed by many people engaged in the chromatography industry. Aijiren's chromatography consumables adhere to the principles of high quality and high standards, and strictly require product quality, so that they can become a reliable supply of chromatography consumables by customers Quotient.
Aijiren will continue to work hard to control the quality of products, so that the quality of products can be guaranteed to be consistent between batches.To buy hplc vial or other chromatography consumables, please choose Aijiren.