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crimp cap

Vials are available in three closure types; screw, crimp, snap, and cap.

Crimp Vial vs. Snap Vial vs. Screw Cap Vial, How to Choose?

However, even though both types of crimp and screw vials have a good seal, crimp vials provide an additional guarantee of sealing for food, forensics, and other applications for which you want to avoid sample tampering. A crimping sealing is also recommended for the storage of volatile compounds.
aluminum crimp seals

11mm Crimp Top Caps with Septa

Suitable for: 11mm Crimp Neck Vials
Caps Material: Aluminum
Septa Material: PTFE / Silicone
Septa Size: 11*1mm
Cap Features: 5.5mm Centre Hole or Closed Top
Color: Metal Silver
magnetic aluminum caps

20mm Crimp Top Aluminum Caps with Septa

Suitable: 20mm Crimp Top Headspace Vials
Caps Material: Magnetic Aluminum
Septa Material: PTFE/Silicone; PTFE/butyl
Septa Size: 20*3mm
Cap Features: 8/9.5mm Centre Hole
Color: Metal Silver
Aijiren's Closures

Manufacturer of Closures used to Seal Chromatography Vials

Aijiren Technology Co., Ltd. is a large high-tech company specializing in the production of sample bottles and caps. Relying on good science and technology and a large number of high-tech talents, it has become a well-known supplier of chromatography consumables in the industry. The sample bottles and cap samples produced by Aijiren Technology, Inc have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality certification. It is worth mentioning that it is reviewed and issued by the most stringent SGS in the industry.