Aijiren Participated in 2018 Analytica China

Aijiren Participated in 2018 Analytica China

Jun. 19th, 2020
【Range of exhibition】 
Analytical fields: analytical instruments, chromatography, spectroscopes, microscopes and optical image processing; environmental, food and industrial analytical techniques
Life sciences and biotechnology: bioanalysis, biochemicals, bioinformatics, biotechnology and laboratory technology, medicine and diagnosis; biochemistry, biotechnology, genetic technology, biomolecular and cell science, medical diagnostic technology, pharmaceutical technology
Measurement testing and quality control: industrial quality control, material testing, material identification, pharmacological quality and industrial quality control; analytical quality monitoring technology
Laboratory technology areas: laboratory equipment, laboratory database systems and document management, laboratory instruments, chemicals and reagents
【Exhibition Introduction】
As a professional exposition and analytical conference in the fields of analysis, biotechnology, diagnostics and laboratory technology, the analytica fair has been held for 25 sessions, covering biology, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, medical diagnosis, pharmacy and food , Environmental and instrumental analysis applications and solutions in the field of research.
Analytica is the world's largest international fair in the field of analytics. Its host country, Germany, is the region with the best sales in Europe. In addition to the United Kingdom and France, Germany is the largest consumer of such products in Europe; and Munich is at the heart of continental Europe. In this way, it is inevitable that the most important manufacturers and researchers in the world of analytics will gather here every two years.
【Audience group】 
Scientists, lecturers, decision makers in the fields of research, health and industry, medical professionals, chemists, pharmacists, competent departments and pharmaceutical professional businessmen (only open to professional audiences).