How to Choose a Septa Pre-slit or Not?
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How to Choose a Septa Pre-slit or Not?

Jul. 31st, 2020
Aijiren offers Chromatography Septa in many different types and colors, using different materials, and the customer's main concern is whether I choose Pre-slit septa, this article will introduce the difference between Pre-slit septa and Non-slit septa, the article is for reference only, the specific choice of that type of Septa also need to be self-judgment.
Pre-slit septa is ideal for automatic sampleing because Septa is kept sealed between Vials and Caps, and pre-slit processing makes it easy to puncture the sample feeder's injection into HPLC Vials for sampling. Despite the slit, Septa is also able to maintain the sample seal in HPLC Vial without creating a vacuum in the air pressure inside the HPLC Vial when sampling the auto-injection needle.
Aijiren offers two types of pre-slit Septa, single slit and cross slit, such a slit can guide the injection needle accurately punctured Septa into the HPLC Vials, without a thin automatic injection broken, or the cushion falls off into the HPLC Vial contaminated sample.
Non-slit septas help reduce carryovers from vials to vials because the re-sealing properties of the septum act as a skige for wiping the solution from the outside of the needle.Typically, a non-slit septum exhibits resealing capabilities for a limited number of needle punctures , but it is recommended to use a new non-puncture septum when storing for long periods of time in vials.
It is important to note that Silicone rubber can easily absorb chemicals from the environment. Be careful when storing caps before use. Do not store septums where chemical vapors are present for long periods of time.I hope this article will be helpful for you to buy Septa. If you want to buy Closures&Vials of Aijiren, please leave a message at our official website or contact our online customer service. We will reply to you as soon as possible.