How to Select 2ml HPLC Vials?
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How to Select 2ml HPLC Vials?

Jul. 23rd, 2020
In many laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and testing institutions, chromatographic analysis is required, and HPLC Vials are required for chromatographic analysis, but many people do not know what HPLC Vials they should buy when purchasing. I will introduce how to select HPLC Vials.
When you choose HPLC Vials, the first thing to consider is its material. Generally, HPLC Vials made of glass and PP plastic are the best choices. Because the composition of glass is difficult to react with the sample, it is not easy to affect the experimental results, and high-quality glass can withstand higher temperatures, so HPLC Vials made of glass are usually the first choice for laboratories.
Compared with HPLC Vials made of glass, HPLC Vials made of PP plastic have certain limitations in their use. The high temperature resistance of PP plastic is not as high as that of glass, but PP plastic bottles are safer than glass, and it is difficult to interact with various chemicals. The reagent reacts, ensuring the accuracy of the experimental results. At the same time, HPLC Vials made of PP plastic is lighter. Aijiren only offers 9mm PP Hplc Vials.
The next question to be considered is the size of the 2ml HPLC Vials. 2ml HPLC Vials can be used for manual injection and autosampler injection. When you need to purchase matching HPLC Vials for your autosampler, you need Check the size of the autosampler to purchase a suitable HPLC Vials.Aijiren has 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm caliber HPLC Vials, 11mm HPLC Vials are divided into Snap Top Hplc Vials and Crimp Top HPLC Vials, the others are Screw Thread Vial.
Finally, choose the color of HPLC Vials. Generally speaking, HPLC Vials are divided into two colors. Clear and Amber. Clear HPLC Vials makes it easier to see the color layering. Amber HPLC Vial can protect the samples in Vial from ultraviolet rays because of ultraviolet rays. It may destroy the chemical composition in the sample. Amber HPLC Vials can effectively avoid this.