2ml Glass Vial Application for Chromatography System

2ml Glass Vial Application for Chromatography System

Jul. 14th, 2020
2ml Glass Vial has different standard and application. Some 2ml Glass Vial is used for filling essential oils or spices, and some 2ml Glass Vial  is used for chromatography analysis. Among 2ml Glass Vial, the vial used for chromatography are made of borosilicate glass.
The 2ml Glass Vial for chromatography have different bottle types, commonly with screw threaded, crimp top and snap top. Different bottles type has different characteristics. These glass vials are compatible with different chromatography autosamplers instrument.
The 2ml Glass Vial can be used to complete the automatic sample with the robot. The robot has a arm with a gripper at the end mounted on a mobile platform. It can dispense liquids and solids, and move vials where the reaction happens between instruments such as a photolysis station and a gas chromatograph.
2ml Glass Vial is widely used in chromatography analysis. When buying 2ml Glass Vial, determine the chromatography analyzer model, firstly. And then, confirm the photoactivity of the reagent. After that, decide whether to choose a transparent or amber vial.
2ml Glass Vial application for chromatography analysis can be available in Aijiren factory. 2ml Glass Vial is in wholesale price. Welcome to inquiry.