7 Different Sizes of Chromatography Vials and Their Uses

7 Different Sizes of Chromatography Vials and Their Uses

May. 12th, 2023


Chromatography is a widely used technique in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and food analysis.  It is essential to select the proper size of chromatography vials for a certain application in order to achieve precise and effective analysis. In this post, we'll examine the seven distinct chromatography vial sizes that are currently on the market and each one's unique applications.

1. 1mL Chromatography Vials

1 mL chromatography vials are widely utilized in laboratories for conducting small-scale experiments and sample preparation. Crafted with precision to accommodate liquid samples at small volumes, these vials make ideal choices for applications like drug discovery, clinical research, and analytical chemistry.

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2.  2mL Chromatography Vials

2 mL chromatography vials are among the most frequently employed sizes in chromatography, providing an optimal balance between sample capacity and compatibility with various autosamplers. They're frequently employed in gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) applications for routine analysis, environmental testing, quality control testing, or routine quality assurance testing.

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3. 4mL Chromatography Vials

4 mL chromatography vials have an extra large capacity that makes them useful in applications requiring larger sample volumes, including solid-phase microextraction (SPME) and headspace analysis techniques. They're often employed for environmental monitoring, forensic investigations, and flavor and fragrance analyses.

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4. 10mL Chromatography Vials

10 mL chromatography vials are frequently employed when larger sample volumes are necessary, for applications including sample dilution, storage, and collection. They find extensive usage in pharmaceutical research, bioanalysis, and food and beverage analysis.

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5. Chromatography Vials of 20 mL

The best option for situations requiring even greater sample amounts is 20 mL chromatography vials. These vials can be used for environmental analysis, solid-phase extractions, and liquid-liquid extractions. They are extensively utilized in the development of chemical processes, environmental monitoring, and the oil and gas industry.

For the details of the 20 mL chromatography vials,please check this page 20 mL headspace vials.

6. Chromatography Vials of 30 mL

The greatest size often used in chromatography is 30 mL vials. These vials are perfect for uses including high-throughput screening, compound management, and sample storage since they provide a sizable sample volume. They are extensively utilized in biotechnology, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical research.

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7. Chromatography Vials of 40 mL

40 mL chromatography vials are the largest standard size available for use with chromatography. They can be used in a wide variety of applications such as sample collection, preservation and transport; frequently seen in environmental monitoring programs, geochemistry projects, and nuclear power industries.

For the details of the 40 mL chromatography vials,please check this page 40 mL storage vials.

Selecting the Appropriate Size for Your Application

Selecting an ideal vial size for any particular application is critical to achieving accurate and reliable results. When making this selection, factors like sample volume, sensitivity, compatibility requirements, and automation needs should all be taken into account. It is also vital that this choice aligns with instrument specifications such as sample loop size or injection volume - selecting an inappropriate vial can result in loss, contamination, or inaccuracy in analysis.


Chromatography vials come in various sizes to suit various applications and sample volumes, from 1mL to 40mL. Each size offers its own features and uses; selecting the proper one for your analysis requires knowing all about them! Understanding their various uses will allow researchers and analysts to select an apt vial size.

What to Pay Attention to

If you are looking for the best chromatography vials for your analytical needs, you should pay attention to the different sizes, shapes, materials and closures that are available and how they affect the performance and compatibility of your chromatography system.

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