Introduction of 8-425 1.5ml Screw Vials

Introduction of 8-425 1.5ml Screw Vials

Jan. 30th, 2019
8-425 1.5ml screw vials is a kind of common hplc&gc vials in chromatography field, this article will let you have a knowledge of this vials.

1. The specification of the bottle is 11.6×32mm.

2. Made from advanced technology and excellent raw materials.

3. Assembled with cap and septa , use them instantly to save your time.

4. The special thread design ensures a consistent seal.

5. There are two kinds of colors, glass and amber.

6. Precise bottle neck size, ensure autosampler handle correctly.

7. Fully compatible with various brands automatic sampler.

8. Including 100 vials and 100 caps / septa as convenient packaging.

9. Strict quality control to ensure size consistency from batch to batch.

10. S 8-425 Screw Neck Vials ND8 can be used for GC and HPLC.

11. Vials with integrated Micro-Insert are also available now in clear and amber glass.

12. Vials with a barcode label can be obtained as well as pre-crimped vials.

13. 8mm wider opening for easy puncture.

14. 8mm PTFE/silicone septa, has excellent chemical inertness, acid and alkali resistance.

15. 8mm screw black open top pp caps.

16. Suitable for Thermo Sciebtific, Beckman, Gilson, Knauer, Spark, Varian, VWR(Merck)/Hitachi, Perkinelmer autosamplers.