Advantages of automatic headspace sampler

Advantages of automatic headspace sampler

Jan. 3rd, 2020
Most gas chromatography analysis is suitable for simple headspace chromatography analysis, a sample guide that uses an airtight syringe to manually extract gas from a sealed headspace vial.

automatic sampler vial

Automatic headspace sampler
offer more advantages than manual. Four methods can be established by headspace sampler software users. The user is able to edit one of the parameters in any method, and the headspace sampler is automatically set according to these parameters.
automatic sampler headspace vial

After that, the gas chromatography instrument is optimized according to the characteristics of the substance being analyzed. Another advantage is the automatic establishment method, which includes automatic analysis of 50 samples, constant heating of each sample, and the removal of gas through a rationed ring of heating to ensure repeatability of the results.
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