Aijiren Standard of Hplc Vial and Cap

Aijiren Standard of Hplc Vial and Cap

Jul. 9th, 2020
Aijiren is one of global manufacture of laboratory consumables. So Aijiren has Strict quality control system on HPLC Vial and Cap. Aijiren, which is China HPLC Vial and Cap manufacturer, put forward standard for all of their manufactured 11.6x32mm hplc vials including the following items:1.5ml 8-425 screw thread chromatography vials, 2ml ND9 large opening short screw vials, 1.5ml 11mm crimp HPLC GC and MS vials, 2ml snap ring vials with ND11 large opening, 10-425 large opening headspace GC vials.
Aijiren HPLC Vial and Cap should be tested before delivery. Before choosing hplc vial to test, Aijiren produced a maximum lot size of 50,000 vials, then randomly select sample vials for testing. All of the HPLC Vial and Cap should comply with international standards, as well as the standards of the chromatography industry.
HPLC Vial and Cap can be chosen at the beginning, middle and end of the produce. It ensure that the vials and caps are average and randomly exposed during the entire produce. Each batch is assigned a number that is unique and traceable to the specific Aijiren vial data.
After the experiment, the data test shows that dimensionally certified 98.6%. All of the HPLC Vial and Cap can be passed test. Aijiren standard of HPLC Vial and Cap can be compatible with chromatography field. So if you buy HPLC Vial and Cap from Aijiren, you can use those consumable, directly.
Aijiren offers a variety of certified chromatography vials, closures/cap and septa, tubes, Syringe filter, vial kits. If you are interested, Please inquiry us.