How many model of Headspace vial bottom?

How many model of Headspace vial bottom?

Dec. 23rd, 2019
In usual, there are round bottoms and flat bottoms headspace vial. Both types of headspace vials are suitable for automatic gas phase instruments, but there is a difference between round bottoms and flat bottoms headspace vial in use.

round bottom headspace vial

Round-bottomed headspace vial tend to outperform flat-bottomed headspace vial in terms of storage sampling. Round bottom headspace vial tend to withstand higher pressure, higher temperatures, and compatibility with applications such as derivation. So the work efficiency of the round bottom headspace vial is more reliable. In the process of use, the flat-bottomed headspace vial is placed more stable, not easy to tip over.

aluminum lid of headspace vial
Most of these two headspace vial are sealed with aluminum caps, so it is also important to master the clamping of the lid. The top headspace vial must be pressed properly to ensure that the cap clampised properly. The tightness of the lid should not affect the later use of headspace vial.
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