How to Choose the HPLC Sample Vial for Chromatography? 2

How to Choose the HPLC Sample Vial for Chromatography? 2

Jun. 4th, 2020
Choose the Correct Closure
The HPLC Sample Vial closure consists of a cap and a cap lining. The cap is typically either aluminium for compression seals or plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene or phenolic resin) for non-compressive seals. Cork lining is a partition material that pierces the syringe needle to take a sample from the HPLC Sample Vial. Cap linings are available in different configurations and are also made of different materials. Cork hides are typically made of rubber (natural or synthetic) or silicone. They may also be encountered on one or both sides of the PTFE. Be sure to choose a cork lining that is compatible with your solvent.In most cases, the cork hides of the vial, lined with PTFE per sample, are the best option.
HPLC Sample Vial cap liners may also be pre-hole, either as a single bladder, transverse bladder or star discharge. The pre-section of the lining of the vial cover makes it easier to penetrate the needle, especially for larger needles, which are typically used in LC samples. Once the vial closure is selected, it is recommended that the presses be fastened with shutter removers and the use of slip removal devices to remove it. These useful tools are designed specifically for work and make cropping and pruning a much simpler task. Presses and trackcutters are available both electrically and manually.
Store valuable samples
If samples are limited, consider using inserts for chromatography HPLC Sample Vial. The inserts on the HPLC Sample Vial are of different shapes and sizes. A conical insert with a plastic spring on the bottom is inexpensive, as the spring secures the seal with the lining of the vial cover. In addition, it fits in the needle of the automatic probe syringe and automatically adjusts to different sampling depths. 
The outer diameter of the accessories is typically 5 or 6 mm, so be sure to choose the size of the HPLC Sample Vial that fits the insert. Bottles with an outer diameter of 11 mm, 10 mm or 9 mm can fit in either size, but vials with an outer diameter of 8 mm can only use inserts with an outer diameter of 5 mm. This comfort eliminates the need to assemble bottles and accessories before use.
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