Mainly Reasons and Solutions about the HPLC Sensitivity

Mainly Reasons and Solutions about the HPLC Sensitivity

Dec. 27th, 2019
In the daily HPLC analysis work, it is sometimes found that there are significant differences in experimental data. In this case, the experimenter can generally analyze the reasons from the following aspects. It will give the relevant solutions in this article, hoping to help you solve the problems at work.

Reason1:Insufficient Sample Volume
Answer:Increase sample volume
Reason2:Sample does not flow out of the chromatography column
Answer:Change swelling phases or chromatography columns, depending on the chemical properties of the sample
Reason3:Sample does not match detector
Answer: Adjust the wavelength or change the detector according to the chemical properties of the sample
Reason4:Detector decay too much
Answer:Adjust the attenuation
Reason5:Detector time constant is too large
Answer:  Reduced time parameter
Reason6:The flow phase flow is not suitable
Answer:Adjust the flow rate of sample
There's another reason, which impact on experimental data. The quality of chromatography vial. When you purchase chromatography vial, Please choose the formal manufacturers of chromatography vial.
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