Some Useful Tips of Chromatography Vials you will Ignore

Some Useful Tips of Chromatography Vials you will Ignore

Dec. 4th, 2019

In scientific research experiments,vials are everywhere.The chromatography vial has good chemical stability,no pollution to the contents,can be heated at high temperature, and protected from light.It has always been the main choice for pharmaceutical packaging.

1.Importance of using caps and inserts for chromatography vials

To avoid leakage and sample loss due to evaporation, the cannula must fit exactly in the vialand the entire device must be completely sealed when capped.To prevent needle damage and ensure correct sample draw when using an injection tube, you should also consider the sampling depth of the auto-sample needle.

Threaded sample vials are produced in accordance with international universal thread standards,and can be used with sample bottles of various brands in accordance with common sense.Still use the same brand of screw cap.

2.Compatibility between samples and chromatography vials

Polypropylene sample vials are the best choice for biological applications and sample applications involving high metal content, such as ion chromatography, AA or ICP-MS.

A range of polypropylene materials are completely tested and evaluated before the material level is selected for polypropylene sample bottles. Our polypropylene sample bottles contain virtually no impurities that can be immersed, ensuring the integrity of the sample.

3.Consistency between chromatography sample bottles

If the tolerance is not strictly controlled, the marked size and wall weight of the auto-sample vials may be different. This affects the volume of the sample in the sample bottle, especially for a small number of samples. Our strict tolerance control runs through the whole manufacturing process, from the initial design to the final photoelectric scanning inspection process, to ensure the accuracy of each sample bottle and cap specification.

4.On how to choose a sample bottle:

We first need to understand that the chromatography sample vials mainly include crimp cap sample bottles, screw cap sample bottles and bayonet cap sample bottles.

If you want general purpose and acid-resistant type, you can choose glass sample vials;

If it is used for very small injection volumes, a micro-lined tube is required;

For samples and trace analysis that are easy to adhere to the glass bottle wall, silanization/ deactivation is required;

If it is used for light-sensitive samples, a brown bottle is required;

For alcohol samples or water-soluble solvents, polypropylene is required.


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