Which GL45 Bottle Accessories Improve Efficiency

Which GL45 Bottle Accessories Improve Efficiency

Nov. 7th, 2023
Laboratories and research facilities worldwide rely on GL45 bottles for safe storage and transportation of various chemicals, solvents, and reagents. These bottles are renowned for their durable design with leak-proof features; thus making them the go-to option among scientists and researchers. But their efficiency can be further increased when combined with appropriate accessories - this article explores these GL45 accessories which could improve efficiency within laboratory settings.

A GL45 Cap Adapter

This accessory makes converting standard GL45 bottle caps into efficient dispensing systems simple. Ideal when dispensing chemicals without risk of contamination, with cap adapters you can attach various dispensing options like syringe filters, tubing, and dispensing pumps enabling precise control over liquid flow during experiments while saving both time and reducing accidental spillage incidents.
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GL45 Caps with GL18 Threads

One of the main benefits of GL45 bottles is their standardization; however, certain laboratories may need threads with different dimensions for specific applications. With this accessory you can convert your GL45 bottle into an adaptable container compatible with different equipment and accessories for greater compatibility and flexibility.

GL45 Cap with a Built-in Septum

Working with air-sensitive compounds or samples that require controlled environments, a GL45 cap with an inbuilt septum can be invaluable. These caps feature a needle-piercable septum to introduce or withdraw gases or liquids without exposing their contents to external environments, thus minimizing contamination risk, increasing safety, and streamlining the handling process for sensitive materials.

Label Solutions from GL45

Effective lab management requires proper organization and labeling of reagents and chemicals, with pre-printed or customizable labels from GL45 labeling solutions helping identify what's inside each bottle to reduce errors during experiments and save time with proper labeling solutions. Proper labeled bottles save both time and money during this phase of their research journey.

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GL45 Safety Closures

For added safety and efficiency, consider investing in GL45 Safety Closures. Specifically designed to ward off accidental spills while providing a tamper-evident seal, they also feature a locking mechanism which keeps their caps from being removed without proper authorization - perfect for protecting hazardous or valuable substances stored within.

GL45 Bottle Carriers and Racks

Efficiency doesn't stop at just having an efficient bottle; how you store and transport GL45 bottles also plays a pivotal role in its effectiveness. Bottle carriers and racks from GL45 are essential accessories for organizing and safely transporting multiple bottles; their secure holds prevent bottles from moving during transporting, thus decreasing breakages or spills during transit.


GL45 bottles are an ideal choice for laboratory and research applications due to their durability and reliability, making them an effective tool. When coupled with the appropriate accessories, you can further increase efficiency in your laboratory; whether that be precise dispensing, compatibility with other equipment or increased safety - accessories play an integral part in streamlining work processes and streamlining processes that help save time while decreasing risk and ultimately contributing to success of scientific endeavors.
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