0.45um Micron Hydrophilic Ptfe Syringe Filter Supplier
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0.45um Micron Hydrophilic Ptfe Syringe Filter Supplier

Mar. 9th, 2020
Hydrophilic 0.45um Ptfe Syringe Filter is a relatively stable material that filters water, organic solutions as well as strong acid and alkali solutions. But it does not apply to trichloroethylene, gasoline and hexane. Can be used as an experimental sample to clarify filters, liquid chromatography samples, etc.
Hydrophilic 0.45um Ptfe Syringe Filter have a wide range of chemical compatibility, as well as strong chemical stability and inertia as well as strong hydrophilic. These filters are designed with mother Luer-Lok inlets and male Luer-Slip outlets.
Solution for clarification or sterilization of water
Gas particles and bacterial filtration
Oil particles and bacterial filtration
Alcohol particle and bacterial filtration
Other solvent particles and bacteria filtration for easy post-filtration inspection
These Hydrophilic 0.45um Ptfe Syringe Filter are used to filter corrosive organic, highly alkaline or high temperature solutions and are used as transdude protectors. After pre-wetting with alcohol, they can filter the water solution.
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