100-1000ml Reagent Bottle for Chromatography from Aijiren
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100-1000ml Reagent Bottle for Chromatography from Aijiren

Aug. 10th, 2020
Aijiren Reagent Bottle is a container made of borosilicate glass or related substances and covered with a special polypropylene cap or stopper. The Reagent Bottle is designed to be used in the laboratory for chemicals in liquid or powder form and stored in a cabinet or shelf.
The polypropylene cap of the Reagent Bottle can prevent the contents from overflowing or the external environment pollution. Reagent Bottle is very suitable for storing powders and liquids. The amber Reagent Bottle protects the photosensitive contents from the effects of ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays. 
The oblique shoulder design of the Reagent Bottle can better control the amount of reagent when pouring; and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill or retrieve the contents. Reagent Bottle has excellent chemical resistance and is ideal for storing reagents, culture media, biological fluids and various other aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.
Aijiren has its own bottle making factory, which meets strict production requirements from the bottle making workshop to the cap making workshop to the packaging workshop. Aijiren's Reagent Bottle factory will transport and ship immediately after packaging to ensure that customers can get the reagent bottle as soon as possible.
Aijiren has become a well-known laboratory consumable supplier in southern China with its high quality, products and excellent service. If you want to buy a high-quality Reagent Bottle, please choose Aijiren.