1000ml Reagent Bottle with GL45 Screw Cap for Sale
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1000ml Reagent Bottle with GL45 Screw Cap for Sale

Aug. 22nd, 2020
Laboratory 1000ml Reagent Bottle are chemically resistant and stable. When fitted with a plastic pouring ring, dripping can be totally eliminated. As there is only one size of screw thread for all bottles from 100 ml onwards in the Borosil range, the screw caps and pouring rings are fully interchangeable. In addition, the bottles, pouring rings, 
and caps are autoclavable and sterilizable. Available in either Clear or Amber.
Some 1000ml Reagent Bottle are tinted amber (actinic), brown or red to protect light-sensitive chemical compounds from visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation which may alter them; The bottles are called "graduated" when they have marks on the sides indicating the approximate (often with a 10% error) amount of liquid at a given level within the container. A reagent bottle is a type of laboratory glassware. 
 Feature of 1000ml Reagent Bottle
- With DIN thread GL 45, pouring ring and PP screw cap
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Minimal thermal expansion
- High resistance to thermal shocks, autoclavable
- Transparent -contents and volume can be quickly checked
- Easy labeling-thanks to large labeling field
- Practicality-easy to read, permanent graduations
Aijiren 1000ml Reagent Bottle offer unmatched uniform wall thickness distribution, which means: Improved mechanical stability and improved resistance to temperature changes. Prevents stress forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling. Advantages: improved safety for employees, the longer service life of laboratory glassware, protection of valuable substances.

We can provide a long time Support Guarantee. Have any requirement for 1000ml Reagent Bottle, please contact me promptly.