20ml Headspace Autosampler Vial on Sale
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20ml Headspace Autosampler Vial on Sale

Aug. 25th, 2020
20ml Headspace Vial is used to hold samples. The sample itself is usually in a state that is not suitable for direct GC. Therefore, if there is no headspace sampling, a lot of sample pretreatment and cleaning are required before it can be applied to the GC column. The 20ml Headspace Vial can be directly used for GC after loading the sample.
Sampling and chromatographic processing of the volatiles that constitute the headspace, and the use of a calibration procedure to convert the measured component concentration into a value related to the original sample, this is the principle of headspace analysis. The 20ml Headspace Vial is used to hold the processed sample, and then the subsequent processing of the gas chromatograph.
There are three essential types of sampling procedure for headspace analysis: static headspace, dynamic headspace, and purge methods. 20ml crimp top headspace vial can be compatible with three headspace analysis. 20ml Screw top headspace vial is also available. 
Static headspace sampling is the simplest method, particularly when carried out manually with a gas-tight syringe. For this purpose the sample must be thermostatted and allowed to reach an equilibrium situation. 20ml Headspace Vial can high temperature resistance.
20ml Headspace Vial autosampler vial is on sale by Aijiren. Flat bottom crimp top headspace vial and round bottom crimp top headspace vial are available. Welcome to inquiry.
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