24mm Screw Neck Sample Storage Glass Vial on Sale
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24mm Screw Neck Sample Storage Glass Vial on Sale

Dec. 7th, 2020
Aijiren produces high-quality 33 expanded borosilicate Sample Storage Glass Vial (Class 1, Class A) or 51A amber glass (Class 1, Class B) glass vials, with storage caps lined with PTFE, solid and hollow with a center Of two types. The PTFE on the film/foam backing has a wide range of chemical resistance, is not autoclavable, 100pcs per pack.
Aijiren Sample Storage Glass Vial have excellent sealability and chemical resistance, and are ideal equipment for general laboratory use and various sample storage. The flat-bottom profile can maintain a stable standing on the desktop and reduce sample spilling. Borosilicate glass is used as the main material to enhance corrosion and temperature resistance. High-quality prices and favorable prices are worth your order.
In addition, chemically inert lids are ideal for most chromatography and storage applications. Use top PTFE or silicone septa to ensure clean production and stable quality of Sample Storage Glass Vial. The polypropylene screw cap with septum can prevent evaporation and sealing, and the silicone septum can be injected multiple times. Screw caps lined with PTFE are used for organic samples. The screw cap with a center hole provides an inert, air-tight seal and can be directly pierced with a syringe needle.
The Sample Storage Glass Vial produced by Aijiren also has amber and amber Storagr sample bottles that can be used for light-sensitive samples, and can also be used at low temperatures. Aijiren's 20ml, 30ml, 40ml and 60ml storage bottle kits are widely used in the environment, food and pharmaceutical fields. Separate sample vials and cap options can increase application flexibility.
Customers can order the Sample Storage Glass Vial and cap separately or as an unassembled convenience kit. The unassembled convenience kit saves sample preparation time. Generally speaking, Aijiren’s Sample Storage Vial is packaged in cartons, and Caps and Septa are packaged in plastic sealed bags.