250ml Reagent Bottle with GL45 Screw Cap for Sale
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250ml Reagent Bottle with GL45 Screw Cap for Sale

Aug. 30th, 2020
Some 250ml Reagent Bottle are tinted amber (actinic), brown or red to protect light-sensitive chemical compounds from visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation which may alter them; The bottles are called "graduated" when they have marks on the sides indicating the approximate (often with a 10% error) amount of liquid at a given level within the container. A reagent bottle is a type of laboratory glassware.
Because glass expands and contracts with changes in temperature, care must be taken when reagent bottles are heated and cooled. When a reagent bottle is heated, the neck expands, allowing the tapered stopper to drop farther into the bottle. When the 250ml Reagent Bottle is then cooled, the neck shrinks around the stopper, locking it in place.  The rough surface of the neck and stopper prevents the stopper from sliding up as the neck shrinks.
1.Quick identification with large marking spot and graduations
2.Wide-mouth opening for easy pouring
3.Liner less, blue polypropylene cap and pouring ring
4.Withstand temperatures from -58 to 1022°F (-50 to 550°C)
A low coefficient of thermal expansion (3.3), provides temperature resistance that is far superior to that of standard lab glass (or soda lime glass). Aijiren 250ml Reagent Bottle can withstand temperatures from -70 to 500°C, permitting repeated use in freezers, microwaves, autoclaves, and dry heat sterilization chambers.

All lab consumables of Aijiren Tech are 100% integrity tested and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. If you have any requirement for 250ml Reagent Bottle. Please contact with Aijiren.