2ml 9mm Amber Glass Vial for HPLC from Aijiren on Sale
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2ml 9mm Amber Glass Vial for HPLC from Aijiren on Sale

Sep. 9th, 2020
Among the 2ml hplc vials produced by Aijiren, 9mm Amber Glass Vial is welcomed by many customers because of its unique light-shielding property and high adaptability to the autosampler. 9mm Amber Glass Vial is also one of Aijiren's main products.
9mm Amber Glass Vial uses USP Type 1, Class B, 51 Borosilicate Glass which is composed of silicone and oxygen, trace amounts of boron, sodium and other element is more alkaline than Class A glass but still adequate for laboratory use.
9mm Amber Glass Vial has good light-proof properties and can protect light-sensitive chemicals from deterioration due to the interference of ultraviolet rays. 9mm Amber Glass Vial can also choose whether to bring a Label Area or a customized logo service.
9mm Amber Glass Vial is a short screw thread neck, the cap is shorter than 8mm, 10mm. The Screw Cap is made of high-quality PP material, and the 9mm Cap has a wide variety of colors, which can be customized according to the customer's own needs.
Aijiren 9mm Amber Glass Vial adopts uniform and strict standards to ensure the consistency of Vials specifications between the same batches. A large number of fully automatic machines are used to ensure quantity and quality. Aijiren has strong strength and short delivery time. It is your best choice for purchasing HPLC Vials. Choice.