2ml Glass Vial with Screw Caps on Sale
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2ml Glass Vial with Screw Caps on Sale

Aug. 7th, 2020
Among the 2ml Autosampler Vial produced by Aijiren, Glass Vial with Screw Cap is the most popular with customers because Glass Vial with Screw Cap is easy to operate, easy to seal and easy to open,Aijiren's 2ml Glass Vial with Screw Cap has several different specifications, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. In order to facilitate the cooperation with different brands and models of Autosampler.
Aijiren's Glass Vial with Screw Cap Clear Glass Vials made of USP Type 1, Class A, 33 Borosilicate Glass is the most inert and chemically resistant glass widely used in laboratories especially for chromatography applications. Type I glass is composed primarily of silicone and oxygen, with trace amounts of boron and sodium. It has the lowest leaching characteristics and a linear coefficient of expansion of 33.
Aijiren's Glass Vial with Screw Cap Amber Glass made of USP Type 1, Class B, 51 Borosilicate Glass which is composed of silicone and oxygen, trace amounts of boron, sodium and other element is more alkaline than Class A glass but still adequate for laboratory use. All amber borosilicate glass is made of Class B unless otherwise specified and has an expansion coefficient of 51.
Glass Vial with Screw Cap Screw thread caps are made of high-quality polypropylene, Polypropylene is a rigid and translucent material, which also comes in a variety of colours and has good chemical resistance for short term storage of most common laboratory chemicals.
Aijiren's products are known for their high quality. Now new customers can still give certain discounts when placing orders. If you are interested in Glass Vial with Screw Cap, please contact our online customer service or leave a message on the official website. We will reply to you as soon as possible.