2ml vial for hplc for sale from leading manufacturer
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2ml vial for hplc for sale from leading manufacturer

Feb. 26th, 2021
The wide open vial for hplc has a wider target area to facilitate sample preparation and reduce the chance of needles bending or breaking during sampling. Viaals are manufactured from transparent Type 1 Class A or amber Type 1 Class B borosate glass. A 10-425 screw fastening and a 10mm septum are required.
The bottle opening of the vial for hplc has two parallel lines and is used to clock the four protrusions of the cap to ensure that the cap and vial are closed. However, the seal of the snap top 2ml glass vial is not strong, so it can be used. Samples cannot be stored for a short period of time.
The vial for hplc with insert is larger than the 9mm screw sample vial and has a wider mouth. The 2ml Crimp Auto Sample Vial has an opening about 40% wider than the standard opening vial. Large openings reduce the risk of autosampler needle bends during sampling.
All vial for hplc produced by Aijiren is made of borosic acid glass. You can choose between 5.0 type and 7.0 type glass. Idyrene amber glass is 5.0 type. 7.0type is more stable, inert, less impurity and more expensive than 5.0type.
Ayjiren's vial for hplc is always the main product. If you are interested, please contact online customer service. Meet your needs with high-quality service. If customer service is not online, you can choose to leave a message. Reply as soon as possible.