Aijiren 20mm Crimper for Crimp Top Headspace Vials for Sale
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Aijiren 20mm Crimper for Crimp Top Headspace Vials for Sale

Apr. 3rd, 2020
The cap of the 20mm Crimper is made of all stainless steel, the body is beautiful and compact, and the application is flexible, which is loved by users.
20mm Crimper operation process:
1.Adjust the height of the limit lever;
2.Put a special sealed silicone pad on the bottle mouth, and the silicone pad and the bottle mouth must be in contact with each other evenly;
3.Put the aluminum cover on the gasket flatly;
4.Put the bottle mouth with the cap into the film mouth of the capper and close the upper and lower handles. At this time, the bottle cap and the silicone pad are sealed with the bottle mouth. Release the handle, and the capper will return to its original state;
If you find that the bottle cap is not tight enough, you can adjust the limit lever of the capper, turn the bottle mouth in the direction of the capper film, and repeat pressing.
Please contact with Aijiren.If you have any requirement about 20mm Crimper.
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