Aijiren 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle for Sale
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Aijiren 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle for Sale

Oct. 9th, 2020
Most common type of 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle, comes in two types: transparent/clear and amber. The 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle is commonly used for storing organic solvents, though mineral acids are also usually stored in such bottles. 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle tend to be used mostly for non-volatile liquids and light-resistant compounds, like aq.
250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle used for storing corrosive solids, which bottles are similar in aspect, though reagent bottle opening is generally wider and some have a jar-like appearance. 250ml clear reagent bottles are always screwed finished. 250ml clear  reagent bottle with GL45 screw cap are in wholesale price.
Aijiren laboratory 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle are widely recognized because of consistent performance and reliable quality. Laboratory reagent bottles have stable characteristics of chemical resistance. When fitted with a plastic pouring ring dripping, 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle can be totally eliminated.
When the 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle with glass stopper is heated, the neck of reagent bottle expands, allowing the tapered stopper to drop farther into the bottle. The 250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle provided by Aijiren is mainly equipped with a GL45 screw cap, which will not happen during use.
250ml Clear Glass Reagent Bottle is our mature product, you can also get reagent bottle in 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1000ml volume. Before you buy reagent bottle, you can ask our business manager delivery some sample to you. Welcome to inquiry.