Aijiren 2ml Hplc Vial and Caps for Sale
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Aijiren 2ml Hplc Vial and Caps for Sale

Jul. 6th, 2020
Aijiren is one of the largest 2ml Hplc Vial and Cap manufacturer in south of China, which mainly supply 2ml hplc vial and cap, autosampler vial, test tube and syringe filter. All of the goods has get the ISO9001 certificate, 100% in wholesale price. 2ml Hplc Vial and Cap is for sale, welcome to inquiry.
Aijiren 2ml Hplc Vial and Cap are designed to use separating organic and inorganic sample for analysis. 2ml hplc vials come in different finishes to guarantee chromatography instrument compatibility. Autosampler vial compatible closures come in different colors, sizes, and septa materials. Offered with a write-on patch, possible identification errors are eliminated.
The cap of 2ml hplc vial are made of high quality polypropylene. Aijiren supply 2ml Hplc Vial and Cap with different finishes; such as the profile of a crimp, snap and screw closure  compatibility with robotic autosamplers. Pre-assembled septa reduces the chance of contamination during sample preparation, while saving sample preparation time in the lab.
2ml Hplc Vial and Cap is mainly used for Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo Fisher and Varian. Aijiren not only supply related chromatography consumable, but also relate repair service is available. If the chromatography instrument broken down in your experiment, please tell our business manager. Our technical engineer will give you advice.
2ml Hplc Vial and Cap are the common elements in chromatography consumable. But these  small elements affect the results of the experiment. When you purchase 2ml Hplc Vial and Cap, must be sure to choose a regular manufacturer.