Aijiren Clear HPLC Chromatography Vials for Autosampler Machine
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Aijiren Clear HPLC Chromatography Vials for Autosampler Machine

Dec. 24th, 2019
HPLC is used to measure and purify the content of various components of the sample material. As an example, it can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. 
In this industry, HPLC is very useful for measuring the level of active drugs in certain materials.HPLC Chromatography Vials are the necessary needs.
If you have a limited amount of sample, consider using inserts for your HPLC Chromatography Vials. Vial inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
For HPLC Chromatography Vials, screw vial is the most commonly vial in laboratories. Threaded vials are more leak-tight and easy for the experimenter to operate. 
HPLC Chromatography Vials are most often used in the diagnostic, analytical, or pharmaceuticals markets, but we’re seeing an increasing frequency of use in the Personal Care and Cosmetics for sampling and trial sizes. 
Aijiren as a leading manufacturer in China, supply high quality chromatography consumables such HPLC Chromatography Vials, caps, septa and syringe filters.
The consistancy of our products between each batch is very good, you can be assure with our quality.