Aijiren Feautred 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap
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Aijiren Feautred 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap

Jul. 8th, 2020
All Aijiren HPLC vials are ideal for autosamplers and offer excellent chemical compatibility and ultra-cleanliness. 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap are the most commonly used gas sampling vials on the market today.
Aijiren 2ml Crimp HPLC Vials are manufactured from Type 1 borosilicate glass, available in clear or amber. Excellent for long term storage. 2ml volume sample vial especially suitable for laboratory use. At the same time, some 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial bottoms are designed at the bottom, so they have a flat bottom and are compatible with automatic sampling devices.
2ml Crimp HPLC Vial requires a relatively inexpensive painted aluminum crimp cap. When properly assembled, it will become the best seal for long-term storage. 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap needs to be used with crimper and cap opener. The crimp cap cannot be reused, it can only be used once.
Aijiren's 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap has a strong seal, a pack of 100. If you need to hold more precious samples, it is recommended to use it with micro-insert. There are 250ul and 300ul different types of micro-insert, fllat bottom, conical micro -insert, micro-insert with mandrel interior&polymer feet, you can choose different micro-insert according to your needs.
Aijiren insists on producing high-quality 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap. Our 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap is sold to more than 70 regions and countries around the world, and has been well received by customers. If you want to buy 2ml Crimp HPLC Vial with Cap, please choose Aijiren.