Aijiren HPLC Syringe Filter for Filtering Reagents
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Aijiren HPLC Syringe Filter for Filtering Reagents

Oct. 16th, 2020
The Syringe Filter produced by Aijiren is usually used to filter the reagents detected by the autosampler. For the Syringe Filter, there are usually two pore sizes for customers to choose, 0.22μm and 0.45μm. If the impurity particles in your reagent are large, you can choose to filter with 0.45μm first and then filter with 0.22μm for the second time.
There are many kinds of materials for Syringe Filter provided by Aijiren, including Nylon, Hydrophilic PVDF and Hydrophilic PTFE, PES, MCE, PP and Cellulose Acetate. You can choose according to the type of reagent you need and whether it reacts with the syringe filter.
Aijiren's Syringe Filter come in many colors, and you can buy syringe filters in many colors. It should be noted that Aijiren's syringe filters are 100 pieces per pack, and the minimum amount is one pack. The more syringe filters purchased, the cheaper the price.
Normally, Aijiren’s settlement method is pre-T/T. If you have an Alibaba account, we can pay through Alibaba. Since the weight of the Syringe Filter is relatively light and the transportation cost is high, it is recommended that you increase the purchase volume when purchasing to reduce the purchase cost.
Aijiren is an experienced manufacturer of chromatography consumables. Aijiren's strict production standards, unique production processes, and excellent corporate philosophy have made Aijiren a well-known brand of chromatography consumables in China. Aijiren's success is inseparable from the company's efforts and customer support. Aijiren will strive to bring better Syringe Filter!