Aijiren Analitica Latin America exhibition in Sao Paulo Perfect Closing
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Aijiren Sao Paulo Exhibition Perfect Closing

Sep. 27th, 2019

Aijiren Sao Paulo Exhibition Perfect Closing

As the visitors in the Sao Paulo exhibition hall dissipating, it means that the annual Analitica Latin America is coming to an end. As the largest supplier of chromatography consumable, Aijiren was invited by the organizers to participate in the exhibition, Aijiren with the "empty cup" mentality in this exhibition is also full of harvest.

Aijiren chromatography consumable exhibition

Before going to the exhibition, after the close cooperation of research and development department and marketing department colleagues, Aijiren finally selected 23 kinds of chromatography vials and septa, caps as free samples, which are given to customers. So all visitors who come to Aijiren booth, can receive free samples, according to their chromatography instrument.

free sample chromatography vial

Although the exhibition is held in Sao Paulo, but Colombia, Mexico, Chile and other places of customers have appeared in this exhibition. At the scene, Aijiren signed a supply agreement with the relevant local trade association about 9mm HPLC vial, chromatography vial’s caps and septa. A customer from Colombia get the sample chromatography vial, return to the lab immediately for testing. They feedback to add follow-up orders in the next day. Under the premise of the new generation of chromatography instrument pursuing high efficiency and precision, Aijiren's chromatography vials have been recognized by the market.

The exhibition is over, and when a Brazilian pharmaceutical purchase manager gets the last free sample, it means that the Aijiren Sao Paulo exhibition is perfect closed. For customers who want to get free sample, please contact: Looking forward to meeting you here in next year.