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Autosampler Glass Vials with Caps Manufacturer

Aug. 5th, 2020
Aijiren produces various types of Autosampler Vial with Cap. Among them, Autosampler Vial made of glass is the most famous. The glass material is extremely inert and difficult to react with samples. In addition, the glass can withstand a certain range of high and low temperatures, which can meet the temperature requirements of chromatographic analysis.
The glass vial provided by Aijiren is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. There are two colors, one is clear and the other is amber. The color of the glass needs to be selected according to the sensitivity of the sample to light. Choose amber glass autosampler vial if the sample is sensitive to light.
Glass autosampler Vial has three different types of calibers with three different Caps. Among them, the Screw Top Autosampler Vial with Cap is Aijiren's best-selling product. The Screw Cap is made of high-quality PP material, which is not easy to deform, has uniform specifications, rich colors, easy operation, and good sealing, it can be operated manually.
Snap top  Autosampler Vial with Cap is suitable for short-term placement of samples, because it is not tightly sealed, and is suitable for hplc analysis immediately after placement of the sample. Crimp top Autosampler Vial with Cap is suitable for long-term storage of samples. The crimp cap is made of aluminum and needs to be used with Hand crimper and Decrimper.
Aijiren has been engaged in the production of Autosampler Vial with Cap for more than ten years, and our service quality and product quality have been praised by customers all over the world. Aijiren has a wide range of products. If you are interested, you can communicate with the online customer service on the official website or leave a message on the official website. We will reply to you as soon as possible.