Buy 0.45um Micron Syringe Wheel Filter from China Supplier
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Buy 0.45um Micron Syringe Wheel Filter from China Supplier

Jan. 18th, 2020
The 0.45um Micron Syringe Wheel Filter (or wheel filter) is a disposable filter element located at the end of the syringe. Syringe filters can be equipped with Luer lock fittings for secure attachment to syringes. We offer a wide range of filters to fully meet your application needs. 
Typical applications of 0.45um Micron Syringe Wheel Filter:
Sterile filtration of protein solutions, tissue culture media, additives, buffers, and water.
Solutions can be filtered fast due to:
1.large filter surface area, that is increasing the flow rate and throuput
2.high operating pressure: a maximum housing pressure of 10 bar (~145 psi).
Pore size and membrane type are printed on every syringe and 0.45um Micron Syringe Wheel Filter are certified non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. Syringe filters are individually blister-wrapped in cases of 50. The 50mm "PTFE" syringe filter is supplied in a case of 12.

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