cheap 1.5ml hplc vials for sale
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cheap 1.5ml hplc vials for sale

Feb. 27th, 2021
The large open diameter 1.5ml hplc vials(clearance 40% larger clearance than standard narrow opening bottles) can be used as 4mL and 6mL bottles as cleaning, waste or storage bottles. For best results, choose a certified bottle for full compatibility with agilent autosomplers.
The function of the 1.5ml hplc vials is an ultra-clean working environment and packaging. The 2ml screw-top glass vial, a specific packaging material to reduce contamination, can be applied to various types of liquid chromatography samplers. The integrity, cleanliness and uniformity of the 2ml glass vial are critical for today's demanding applications.
Aijiren also offers customized services. You can choose to print your logo on a bottle of 1.5ml hplc vials or customize the color of the screw cap and snap cap. The crimp cap is made of aluminum and cannot be customized with metallic color.
The screw neck cap and snap cap for 1.5ml hplc vials provided by Aijiren are made of high quality pp material. Pp material is hard to deform and can withstand certain high temperatures. To facilitate autosampler sampling, you can also choose a cap with a hole in the center.
Ayjiren's 1.5ml hplc vials can be combined with micro inserts and is available in micro inserts in various sizes of 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. Basically, Idyrene products are 100 pieces/pack. It is recommended to purchase viaals packaged with caps and septas. Aijiren has worked hard for the convenience of our customers' procurement.