China Supplier GC Headspace Decrimper for Crimp Vials
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China Supplier GC Headspace Decrimper for Crimp Vials

Apr. 7th, 2020
GC Headspace Decrimper is a special capping pliers for sealing and locking crimped headspace vials, depending on the original crimp headspace vial structure of each liquid chromatography.
The design principle of the GC Headspace Decrimper is to push the vial up, the cutter wheel rotates, but the vial does not rotate, and a uniformly placed 120°3 cyclone knife rotates and seals the cap. 
This generates a certain upward force and the three knives automatically rotate inward, producing a constant force to tighten the cover by contracting tightly, called GC Headspace Decrimper.

Product Name

China Supplier GC Headspace Decrimper for Crimp Vials

Suitable Products

13mm 20mm crimp neck glass vials

Suitable neck size

13mm and 20mm

Suitable Cap model

flip off aluminum-plastic cap or aluminum cap




This kind tool have 4 models:  

1: for 11mm aluminum cap

2:for 11mm aluminum-plastic cap

3:for 20mm aluminum cap

4:for 20mm aluminum-plastic cap


When place order, pls note the cap size and cap model, so that we can send correct model.



1:It can be used in any time, any place.

2:Release and capping can be adjusted by hand more easily.

3:Its size is small, more easy to work.

4:After capping lid it's more sealing, not leak.

Free supply

If it's ordered together with our glass vials, and glass vials cost is more than USD1000, it will be free 1 piece.

Please contact with Aijiren.If you have any requirement about GC Headspace Decrimper.We have focusing on chromatography consumables producing over 10 years.