COD Test Tube with PP Screw Cap for Water Analysis
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COD Test Tube with PP Screw Cap for Water Analysis

Nov. 30th, 2020
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) testing can predict the oxygen demand of wastewater, which can be used to monitor and control emissions and evaluate the performance of treatment plants. The impact of wastewater or wastewater discharge on the receiving water is predicted by its oxygen demand. COD testing is often performed routinely in the laboratories of water companies and industrial companies.
When using COD Test Tube, we usually inject the sample to be tested into the test tube and shake the tube vigorously to suspend all the sediment. Remove the cap of the COD test tube and add 2 mL of sample using a pipette.
Next, close the cap of the COD Test Tube tightly and gently invert the test tube to mix the contents. The tube becomes hot when mixing. Before proceeding, make sure that all sediment is suspended. Label the test tube with the label provided in the kit, and then place the test tube in the heater. Make sure the safety screen is in place.
With the Aijiren COD Test Tube, each user can easily perform highly sensitive and accurate water detection. The time required for the measurement process is greatly shortened, especially for standard analysis and series measurement, while greatly reducing the workload. The COD Test Tube contains a precise dose of reagent. Therefore, excessive chemical stocks are avoided and work safety is improved.
It should be noted that the used COD Test Tube contain strong sulfuric acid and other chemicals, so reagents must be handled carefully. The items in the pipeline should be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of local authorities. These test tubes have passed SGC certification. These tubes can only be used once, so they cannot be reused.