Double Luer Lock 0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter for Sale
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Double Luer Lock 0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter for Sale

Mar. 16th, 2020
The membrane solution 0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter is made of a sturdy cellulose acetate (CA) membrane and has specially designed features designed to bring the highest level of performance and purity to your research.

The 0.45μm Micron Cellulose Acetate (CA) Syringe Filter is the embodiment of cutting-edge membrane technology, engineered with meticulous care to elevate the performance and purity of your research to unparalleled heights.

Unleashing the Precision Pore Size 0.45um

The properties of Aijiren Tech 
0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter is designed to bring the highest level of reliability and purity to your application.

This nominal pore size has been carefully selected to provide an ideal balance between efficient particle removal and the passage of crucial components, ensuring that valuable analytes and biomolecules are not lost during the filtration process. The result is a filtration solution that offers consistent and reliable results, irrespective of the complexity of your sample matrix.

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Inert Polypropylene Packaging

All of our 
0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter is packaged in inert polypropylene packaging and ultrasonicly welded for particle-free forward sealing. The housing has a standard sliding Ruhr connector at the exit and a fully threaded Ruhr lock connector at the entrance.

The importance of selecting the right packaging material cannot be overstated. Our 0.45μm Micron CA Syringe Filters are housed in inert polypropylene packaging, which provides an ideal barrier against external contaminants and ensures the filters remain in pristine condition until the moment you use them. Polypropylene is chemically inert, meaning it does not react with the filter material or your samples, preserving the purity of your filtration process.

Moreover, the polypropylene packaging is designed to be robust and resistant to physical damage, providing added protection during transportation and storage. The packaging also features clear labeling, allowing you to quickly identify the syringe filter specifications and ensuring seamless integration into your laboratory workflow.

Filter Media


Pore Size, μm

0.22μm, 0.45μm







Filtration Area



Maximum Operating Pressure



Process Volume



Hold-up Volume

< 25μl



Female Luer Lock

Female Luer Lock


Male Luer Unlock

Male Luer Unlock

Flow Direction

Flow should enter from the inlet

Maximum Operating Temperature



Autoclave at 249.8F at 1 bar for 20 minutes/EO/Gamma


Ideal for filtering biological solutions

The protein binding force of the cellulose acetate membrane is low, which is ideal for filtering biological solutions.

The 0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter does not contain tri cores, has bi-directional diaphragm support and Ruhr lock inlet/exit, and can be securely mounted on the syringe.

Proteins, the building blocks of life, are key players in biological systems, carrying out essential functions that govern cellular processes. However, conventional filtration materials can present challenges when handling biological solutions, as they tend to exhibit varying degrees of protein binding. This phenomenon, known as protein adsorption, occurs when proteins adhere to the surface of the filtration membrane, potentially leading to loss of protein content and altered structural integrity. Such binding can compromise the reliability of experimental data and downstream analysis, hindering researchers' ability to draw accurate conclusions from their work.

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Aijren Tech 
0.45um Micron CA Syringe Filter is a good choice for filtration of tissue culture media, and for filtration of sensitive biological samples.

The Aijiren Tech 0.45μm Micron CA Syringe Filters represent the epitome of reliability and purity infiltration. With precision-engineered pore size, unparalleled microbial sterilization, low protein binding, and exceptional chemical compatibility, these syringe filters redefine what is possible in the world of scientific research and laboratory applications. From the most delicate biological samples to complex chemical solutions, these filters excel, providing accurate and dependable results that propel your research forward. Embrace the power of precision, reliability, and purity with the Aijiren Tech 0.45μm Micron CA Syringe Filters, and experience a new level of confidence and success in your filtration endeavors.

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