For GL45 Reagent Bottle, do you Really Know?
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For GL45 Reagent Bottle, do you Really Know?

Jul. 7th, 2022

The Reagent Bottles, also known as media bottles, are used to store chemicals in liquid or powder form. They are generally made up of glass or plastic. The first Reagent Bottles were manufactured by DURAN in the year 1972 and they are the pioneers of it.

The reagent bottles were primarily designed to store reagents but with the passage of time and its improved design, various other chemicals can be stored in these bottles. A reagent is a compound that when added to a system, causes a chemical reaction. The bottle has a narrow mouth opening on the top with a pouring ring. The sloping shoulders of the reagent bottles help the liquid to flow smoothly.
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Challenges faced

1. Limited opening of the mouth of the Reagent Bottles.

2. Difficulty in recognizing synthetic compounds.

3. Difficult to trace the manufacturing lot.

4. Unavailability of customization.


1. Chemical Resistance

2. Consistency

3. Durable

4. Autoclavable

5. Available in Glass, Plastic, and Borosilicate

6. Available in different sizes

7. Clear Scale

Used at

1. Bacteriology Labs

2. Haematology Labs

3. All General Laboratory Applications

4. Clinical Chemistry procedures

5. Research and Development Labs

different applications of reagent bottle in  lab

Types of Reagent Bottles

Narrow Mouth - GL 45 (available in Clear Glass and Amber). It comes with a storage capacity of up to 2000 ml. These are round in shape and are generally used to store liquid media and compounds like reagents.

Wide Mouth - GL 80 (available in Clear Glass only). It comes with a capacity of up to 2000 ml. These bottles are available in both round and square shapes. Granules and paste-like substances are stored in these bottles. The square-shaped bottles are ideal for the short-term storage of media.


Do not tighten the caps immediately after autoclaving. Reagent bottles larger than 2 liters should not be used under vacuum pressure as they may cause breakage.

Basic Properties of Aijiren Reagent Bottles

1. Aijiren manufactures Glass Boro 3.3 Reagent Bottles.

2. Aijirens reagent bottles can be sterilised.

3. There is clear scale graduation and a large marked area on the bottle.

4. The bottle has a retrace code with the help of which one can trace the manufacturing lot.

5. Aijiren also manufactures PE pouring rings in Reagent Bottles for Drip-Free Operations.

6. The reagent bottles are chemical and heat resistant.
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7. AijirenReagent Bottles come with an optional red colour PBT Cap which can sustain heat up to 180 degrees.

8. Aijiren provides interchangeable screw caps and pouring rings on the bottle.

9. The reagent bottles are available in an Amber colour also to prevent UV rays from penetrating inside the bottle for long-term storage of light-sensitive substances.

10. These reagent bottles are available in volumes up to 20 litres depending upon the size of the bottle.


Enhanced graduations and marking spots with chemical-resistant white enamel.

Heavy-duty Borosilicate Glass with ASTM E438 for perfect storage and mixing.

ETFE Pouring Rings are available for Dry Heat Sterilization (180ºC).

Linerless and autoclavable polypropylene plug seal.

Drip-Free Pouring Rings (interchangeable).

gl45 clear media bottle with blue screw caps

Any more discussions about Reagent Bottles are welcomed.