High quality 2ml screw chromatography vials for sale from Aijiren
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High quality 2ml screw chromatography vials for sale from Aijiren

Dec. 17th, 2019
2ml screw chromatography vials are available as individual components as well as convenience kits that include vials, caps and septa. A large selection of closures and limited volume inserts completes the product offering.
These Standard 2ml screw chromatography vials have a narrow opening allowing the use of 8-425mm caps and septa. They are designed to work with most autosamplers that require narrow neck vials and are made up of Type I Borosilicate Glass.
2ml screw chromatography vials are primarily utilized to inject samples from an autosampler. They are sold in several sizes, although 2 mL vials are more generally used. Autosampler needle pierces through the cap during injection and withdraws the required aliquots of sample from the vials. 
Packaging Details about 2ml screw chromatography vials:
1.Caps and Septa Packing : Self-sealing foil  PE bag. 100pcs/pk
2.Vials Packing : PP-Trays ,100pcs/pk
3.Outside packaging:Neutral Carton, pallet can  better to protect the goods  
4.OEM packing accepted                                                 
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