Hot Sale 2ml HPLC Vial with Cap from Aijiren
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Hot Sale 2ml HPLC Vial with Cap from Aijiren

Jul. 7th, 2020
Aijiren specializes in the production of 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap. Aijiren's 2ml hplc vial has many different types. From the material, Aijiren 2ml hplc vial can be divided into Glass vial and PP vial. To distinguish from the color, Aijiren 2ml hplc vial can be divided into Clear and amber. To distinguish from the thread pattern of the Vial, Aijiren 2ml hplc vial can be divided into three types: Screw Vial, Snap Vial and Crimp Vial.
Aijiren's 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap, there are many types of cap. Cap is divided into PP Cap, PE cap and Aluminum cap according to the material. Cap can be divided into Thread cap, Snap cap and crimp cap according to the thread style. Cap can be divided into close-top cap and open-top cap according to the presence or absence of center hole.
Aijiren's 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap not only has a wide variety, Aijiren also provides customized services, Aijiren can print the logo with the customer's logo on the vial, and customers can also choose the color they like to customize the cap. Aijiren's customized services have brought a good purchasing experience to many customers.
2ml Hplc Vial with Cap from Aijiren is usually 100 packs, vial is packed with PP boxes, and caps are packed in sealable plastic bags. Different vial with cap can use different packaging types, and can also be customized according to customer needs. Aijiren's 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap packaging is very strong to ensure that hplc vial with cap will not be damaged during transportation.
Aijiren guarantees the quality of each 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap because Aijiren has strict product control standards. aijiren is committed to let customers use high-quality 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap, if you need to purchase 2ml Hplc Vial with Cap, please leave a message on our official website.